Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

In high summer, 1999, I headed south to the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems. Moved into a silver trailer draped in trumpet vines. During hot days, I helped develop + build Greenforms, a flexible architectural prototype developed for the United States Department of Energy's Hickory Consortium. Mentored by Gail Vittori & Pliny Fisk, I returned for a year to do ecological design research, graphics and web development. Lived in the woods, off the grid, with 2 solar panels on a tall dymaxion tower. Oil lanterns and cold running water.

Established in 1975, CMPBS is a non-profit education, research, and demonstration organization specializing in life cycle planning and design. It's the oldest sustainable design NGO in the USA. Still going strong. 35 Years of Serious Commotion chronicles their work.